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Explore Cyber Intell Solution's proprietary hardware and software cybersecurity suite, offering dynamic, portable, and randomized solutions for data-in-transit, data-at-rest, and secure communication, backed by over two decades of experience in national and tactical security.


The encrypted Software Defined Network (SDN) is configured so that the server locations and public IP addresses are not revealed.


Our servers and cloud infrastructure are configured and maintained using our proprietary managed attribution platform to ensure customer information is never revealed.


The CISEN infrastructure is designed and configured based on the highest security standards of implementation, with multiple layers of protection and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) in place.

About us

Cyber Intell Solution, (CIS) LLC is a cyber security business that was created by a former member of United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). We provide expert consulting, specialized products, and tailored operational services to governmental and corporate industry worldwide. 

CIS is founded with individuals with high ethical and moral standards that have held positions of trust and leadership in the Special Operations Forces (SOF) and Intelligence Communities. 

No logs

No data farming, no logs, customer has direct access to the VPS server IPs.

Vendor diversity

The platform supports over thirty data center providers.

Secure encrypted network infrastructure

Global, dynamic, non-attributable secure encrypted network infrastructure.


Port obfuscation

SDN signature is obfuscated through a different socket scheme (https port 443 UDP/TCP.


Support ample dynamic configurations.


Hosts are automatically secured using industry standard hardening techniques.


We have over two decades of experience in national and tactical security, innovative technology, and cyber operations. The CIS expertise offers unique specialized products by staff with operational experience working in denied areas and conducting difficult missions in the most challenging environments around the world. 

CIS offers a proprietary hardware and software Cyber Security suite with dynamic, portable commercial off the shelf (COT) randomized, anonymous solutions for Data-in-Transit, Data-at-Rest and secure communication.

years of experience


Expert Consulting

We understand that having access to experts in the field can be important to helping customers overcome challenges and achieve their desired outcomes. Our technical consultants use their extensive knowledge and experience to provide valuable guidance and support to our customers. For more information, please reach out to CIS for a personal consultation.

Specialized Products

We offer a proprietary hardware and software Cyber Security suite with dynamic, portable commercial off the shelf (COT) randomized, anonymous solutions for Data-in-Transit, Data-at-Rest and secure communication. Benefiting from our ongoing research and development efforts and our 20+ years’ experience in the cyber security field, CIS has launched innovative solutions for a wide range of customers around the globe. CIS specializes in cyber security products that provide our customers with the most technologically advanced, secure and cost-effective solutions available.

Tailored Operational Services

At this time, 93% of all security incidents can be prevented with a well-managed cybersecurity operation. Our tailored operational services are designed to save time and money for our customers and make the business case for taking action against the key risks. We offer expert insights into your cybersecurity operational posture. For us, transparency comes first; for you, this means not just less economic and technical risk, but clearly defined costs.



Commitment to providing high-quality cutting-edge products and services to our customers.


Operational awareness which equates to a keen understanding of mission landscape.


Unparalleled customer service and quality of expertise


Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Best Features

Unmatched Protection and Anonymity

Offer unparalleled protection and anonymity of your data in-transit, data at-rest, and communications via multiple randomization protocols.

Mission-Ready Cyber Solutions

Ability to rapidly deploy and implement anonymous, dynamic, encrypted network platforms and end user devices for various cyber oriented tasks that offer a small footprint, low weight, easy to use, multifunctional products to support a variety of operational missions.

Cyber Experts: Designing Innovative Networks and VPNs for Commercial and Government Entities"

Staff that are DoD and internationally recognized Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the design of Digital Network Infrastructures and Virtual Private Networks through innovative methodologies and are considered master cyber planners (“cyber black belt”) fully proficient in designing and implementing cyber strategies in commercial and government entities.

Tailored Platform Infrastructure: Expertise from the Intelligence Community to Support Mission Objectives

The knowledge and expertise to understand, engineer, and integrate operational and technical skills to provide the most accurate platform infrastructure that immediately responds to the customer needs. This is result of 20+ years within the intelligence community at the technical and operational level that enable CIS to rapidly understand the customer’s needs and custom tailor solutions that support mission objectives.




The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is the procurement arm of the Federal government. A GSA Schedule contract award is the culmination of a rigorous process in which the GSA carefully evaluates companies to determine their proficiency and suitability to provide products and services directly to Federal and State governments. The assessment includes a corporation’s capabilities, organizational structure, performance history, customer satisfaction, and other criteria. By awarding a GSA Schedule contract, the Federal government has recognized CIS as a preferred vendor that is fully authorized to contract directly with Federal agencies.CIS’s GSA Schedule contract 47QTCA22D002C makes purchasing CIS’s encrypted networks, services, and solutions easy and will save your unit or agency time and money. Federal organizations can use this contract to purchase from CIS on GSA Advantage!.CIS is a prime contractor for encrypted networks and subject matter expertise under the large category of Information Technology and the following categories: 54151S (Professional Services) and 511210 (Software License).


At CIS we are proud to be a Certified Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.

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