The VPN platform configuration is designed in such way that the servers space and IPs do not cross nor share any customer space.

Our servers and cloud infrastructure platforms are configured and maintained based on a unique provision mechanism based on an anonymous financing support that does not reveal any ownership or customer information, nor allows data farming.
The VPS’s/VPN’s infrastructure is designed and configured based on the highest security standards of implementation, with multiple layers of protection and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) in place.

VPN Comparison

Proprietary VPN and Commercial VPN Comparison

Proprietary VPN

  • The Internet traffic is routed through an untraceable IP address that is not shared by anyone. The client maintains access to the VPS server and logs.
  • VPN operates on a different socket scheme that does NOT reveal standard VPN signatures.
  • The VPS’s/VPN’s infrastructure is designed and configured based on the highest security standards of implementation, with multiple layers of protection and intrusion detection system (IDS) in place.
  • The platform is designed to erase all the logs of activities, with no extra ports or services running within the virtual private server.
  • The servers can only be accessed through a unique SSH key, 128 bits long through a virtual machine with a proprietary VPN.
  • The engineering of the VPN platform has unique characteristics centered on a randomization algorithm that initiates a connection via a .ovpn certificate through a proxy based on a private IP scheme on a random port; therefore, the public IP of the transiting servers are never exposed. The first VPN hop initiation triggers a randomization protocol and then every http/https request initiates the next VPN hop to the next available server.

Commercial VPN

  • IP’s are known IP’s that are associated with the VPN server providers, possible to deny VPN connectivity.
  • It is possible that several users can use the same IP scheme.
  • No access or control of the servers. Clients are unable to access the server to verify the “Strict no logs policy”.
  • Known VPN sockets, which are blocked in some countries.
  • Private information is logged on the provider’s server.
No Logs
No data farming, no logs, customer has direct access to the VPS servers IPs.
Secure VPN infrastructure
Global, dynamic, non-attributable (Company or Government) secure VPN infrastructure.
Vendor Diversity
The platform supports over thirty data center providers.
Worldwide Coverage
Presence in multiple countries around the world, and numerous locations in the US.
Port obfuscation
VPN signature obfuscating through different socket scheme (https port 443 UDP/TCP).
Hosts are automatically secured using industry standard hardening techniques.
Supports an ample dynamic configuration.



Our mission is to provide specialized privacy solutions to organizations and individuals concerned about their privacy. 
With over two decades of experience in national and tactical security, innovative technologies, and cyber operations, you can rest assured we have the knowledge and expertise to help you claim back your privacy.  


Cyber Intell Solution (CIS), LLC is a certified SDVOSB government contractor.


    • The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is the procurement arm of the Federal government. A GSA Schedule contract award is the culmination of a rigorous process in which the GSA carefully evaluates companies to determine their proficiency and suitability to provide products and services directly to Federal and State governments. The assessment includes a corporation’s capabilities, organizational structure, performance history, customer satisfaction, and other criteria. By awarding a GSA Schedule contract, the Federal government has recognized CIS as a preferred vendor that is fully authorized to contract directly with Federal agencies.CIS’s GSA Schedule contract 47QTCA22D002C makes purchasing CIS’s encrypted networks, services, and solutions easy and will save your unit or agency time and money. Federal organizations can use this contract to purchase from CIS on GSA Advantage!.CIS is a prime contractor for encrypted networks and subject matter expertise under the large category of Information Technology and the following categories: 54151S (Professional Services) and 511210 (Software License).




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