CIS Exchange Mail Server

With vdes-pqc

The CIS Exchange Mail Server solution offers a cutting edge decentralized, anonymous, end-to-end encrypted mail platform that bypasses the usage of any third-party provider.



The CIS Exchange Mail platform can reside on a dedicated obfuscated Virtual Private Server (D-VPS) or any location per the customer’s requirements.


Per customer request, the server can reside behind the Virtual Dissimulated Encrypted Server (VDES) platform that obfuscates the real server public IP address and points to a different IP/ location and server which also takes advantage of proprietary hardening techniques. This implementation presents one of the most protective cyber design decoy obfuscation tools to any nefarious attacker looking to obtain information of the real mail server infrastructure.


Decentralized, anonymous, real-time e-mail service, end-to-end encryption protocol.

Customer has full control and oversight of the mail platform server.

The server can reside on a dedicated Virtual Private Server, private rack server, or a physical serv-er within the customer’s location.

No dependencies on any third-party provider and or AWS backbone infrastructure.

Exchange mail server resides behind a virtual dissimulated encrypted server (VDES) (priced separately), as a decoy obfuscation tool environment, shielding the real IP from any nefarious inquiries.

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