CIS MiFi Brick with Randomized VPN or CIS Encrypted Networks

Non-attributable Hot Spot with modified VPN signature for secure communications & data transit.


Multiple devices over cross platform OSs can connect simultaneously to the WiFi InvisyLink Hot Spot interface. The MiFi Hotspot provides randomized VPN connection based on http, https request for best obfuscation & anonymization
Designed to connect via 3G/4G (data Sim card required).
Ideal for office & mobile business; secure end-to-end encryption while traveling (hotels, airports, etc.).
Internet traffic is Encrypted End-to-End: VPN-hosts do not contain crypto keys and cannot decrypt traffic.
Dynamic server infrastructure.
Anonymous user connections, IP address/location obfuscation
Configured to serve as an encrypted Access Point through the LAN, 3G/4G Interface.
Annual subscription for Encrypted Networks or VPN service available.
International data plans are priced separately – 15 GB for up to 30 days is $100.00 per month/per device in 210+ destinations.
CISEN-SDN also available on MiFi Brick. Please reach out to CIS for prices.

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