CIS 5G Mobile Travel Router 




CIS Mobile 5G Wi-Fi Puck can be configured to operate on the standard ISP Access Point Network (APN)


CIS Mobile 5G Wi-Fi Puck can be configured to operate on a private APN with the CIS Encrypted Network, Post Quantum Cryptography

The private APN option automatically enables the CIS Encrypted Network (CISEN) Post Quantum Cryptography (NIST-NSA Compliant), obfuscating, randomizing and dual encrypting the data-in-transit.

WiFi 6E Mobile Hotspot Router With 5G mmWave and Sub-6 bands


A new 6GHz band provides the fastest speed and greatest capacity for new WiFi 6E devices, and reduces data loads on the other two bands so WiFi speed increases for all devices.


Connect wired devices to the 2.5G Ethernet port for multi-gig speeds.


Get connected in dense areas, even with tall buildings and many connected devices competing for connection.


5G delivers revolutionary mobile broadband connectivity by using shorter frequencies, boosting speeds to unheard of levels of up to 10x faster than 4G.


Shorten the time delay between sending and receiving information with 5G. Now 1ms, 5G delivers extremely low latency rates down from 200ms for 4G.


The device WiFi can be disabled and operate only in a hard wire (ethernet) environment.

The travel router works like a wireless home router, as it creates a wireless hotspot, which anyone in the vicinity can connect to, assuming they have the correct credentials. The device does not require any setup, cables, or installation, and works seamlessly with roaming agreements around the globe.


No hassle with the SIM card procurement process.

5G mmWave and Sub-6 bands provide lightning-fast Internet speeds for smoother and crisper streaming, gaming, and uninterrupted video calls—wherever you are.

Dual band 2.4GHz and 5/6GHz WiFi 6E—with aggregate speeds of AXE3600—is ideal for supporting up to 32 devices simultaneously.

Distribute Multi-Gig Internet speeds at home by connecting your wired devices to the 2.5G Ethernet port.

WiFi 6E gives you improved network capacity for more WiFi devices.

Ultra-fast wireless speeds with more connections for all devices with less congestion.

End-to-end encryption with full randomization.

Reliable and stronger WiFi coverage indoors and outdoors, high-performance antennas, pre-optimized for best performance, on the router amplify WiFi signals for maximized range and reliable coverage.

Easily set up the device, change WiFi settings, and monitor your data usage using the built-in color LCD screen.

Device MDM to fully manage hardware and connectivity.

CIS Encrypted Networks w/Post Quantum Cryptography (NIST/NSA Compliant)

Global Roaming available at $15.00 per day additional cost (Reach out to CIS for options).

Available in over 120 countries. *One price for service that allows travel to 52 countries.

CIS provides and maintains non-attributable accounts to provide monthly service and management.

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