CIS Secure Phone


The Cyber Secure Phone (CSP) provides cognitive cutting-edge encryption protocols for communication and data exchange to support sensitive entities at multiple levels of operations. CSP provides a secure infrastructure for an array of communication protocol requirements capable of supporting user protection, and communication anonymity across a multitude of service industries with proven tradecraft.



The CIS Secure phone service leverages CIS secure non-attributable Virtual Private Network (VPN) and the Pi Epsilon Communication Platform or a Voice Over IP (VOIP) infrastructure while also hardening specific Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) and Smart Phones.

CIS has successfully deployed hardened Secure Devices to the most sensitive clients, who successfully communicated securely in the most challenging, high threat, foreign environments. Inclusive is a Cyber VOIP service with worldwide coverage with the ability to select a phone number anywhere in the US or worldwide (i.e., 30 + countries). This communication platform does not authenticate or associate with local networks, nor does it generate Call Data Records (CDRs) with the local network infrastructure while obfuscating its location.


Untraceable, encrypted with no authentication and association on the GSM/CDMA local networks and no signature on any third-party servers.

No usage of the Base Band protocol

Wi-Fi connection automatically encrypted through a proprietary non-attributable VPN.

The VOIP number is ported into a third party VOIP application to achieve double encryption.

Untraceable mail and iCloud accounts associated with the device (iPhone platform).

Encrypted mail configuration through custom generated private and public keys.

Available on any make & model smart phone. NOTE: default phone is Samsung Galaxy.

Some phone models may reflect an increase in price.

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