CIS Non-attributable Virtual Private Server (VPS)

CIS VPS is engineered using cutting edge encryption protocols to ensure that data-in-transit, data-at-rest, and the connection location is encrypted, protected, and obfuscated in such manner that forensic scrutiny analysis would not reveal its true IP signature. The VPS infrastructure is designed and configured based on the highest security standards, with multiple layers of protection and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) in place.

The platform is designed to erase the logs of activity, with no extra ports or services running within the Virtual Private Server.

The servers can only be accessed with a unique 4096-bit SSH key, through an encrypted bootable device and a proprietary VPN.

Based on customer requirements, the servers can be configured with Polyverse Linux (polymorphic Linux) to ensure the highest security down to the kernel level.


Furthermore, based on customer requirements, the VPS IP can be forwarded through Cloudflare’s enterprise infrastructure for traffic optimization and secure port scanning.

Unlike any other provider, once the infrastructure is established, the customer has direct access to the dynamic VPS server logs (if enabled) via a separate SSH key for monitoring live activity and traffic control.

CIS performs the management, maintenance, and upgrades of the server’s proper functionality; however, the customer has direct access to the VPS logs to ensure privacy and security.

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