CIS Standalone VPN Server

OpenVPN, IKEv2, PSK, WireGuard with Post Quantum Cryptography, Kyber-1024 (NIST Security Level 5)

The CIS Cyber Virtual Private Network Dynamic Solution provides the highest level of security to ensure a secure and reliable connection when exchanging data over the Internet.


Whether tasked with conducting anonymous research or collaborating across a multitude of service platforms, CISEN supports these capabilities with industry leading security, technology, and service coupled with proven tradecraft.

The CIS VPN server uses a unique infrastructure not utilized by any other VPN service provider to ensure that the information is safe from malicious and state-sponsored onlookers anywhere in the world.

The CIS VPN server infrastructure does not log any user information, nor does it associate an individual’s identity with their account and billing information.

The CIS VPN server is designed by trusted developers with security and anonymity as the primary goal.

The Post-Quantum Cryptography suite, CRYSTALS Kyber 1024, NIST Security Level 5, uses an IND-CCA2 secure key encapsulation mechanism approach and the same standards that the Intelligence Community has publicly endorsed.

CISEN incorporates a proprietary VPN client for Windows, Linux, and Android OS.


Large-scale quantum computer attacks resistant

Passes classical cryptanalysis

Resistant to static timing analysis

Protects any data in transit

Prevent fault attacks

Simple power analysis

Prevent cold-boot attacks

Prevent template attacks

Prevent Electromagnetic attacks

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