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A VPN for the World

VPNs are great for staying anonymous, but they are blocked in some countries. If you use a normal VPN, their service may be unavailable. To solve this problem, we’ve developed our Alternative Standalone VPN which retains full functionality worldwide.The perfect solution for anyone that wants to travel anonymously. 

Product Overview
Worldwide Availability

The VPN uses an alternative VPN protocol and proprietary sockets, which make it very difficult to be detected. This allows for the VPN to be fully operational in locations where VPN usage is not permitted.

No Data Farming

No data farming, no logs and the customer has direct access to the VPS servers IP’s.

Secure VPN Infrastructure

Our VPN offers a Global, Dynamic, Non-attributable (Private or Government) secure VPN infrastructure and hosts are automatically secured using industry standard hardening techniques. VPN allow for an ample dynamic configuration.

Vendor Diversity

Our platform supports multiple vendor diversity, with over thirty data center providers to choose from in locations dispersed worldwide.

Why Choose Us

Our founder is a former member of the U.S Department of Defense, with over 20 years of experience in Computer Network Operations (CNO), Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) and cyber operations within the Intelligence Community.

With over two decades of experience in national and tactical security, innovative technologies, and cyber operations, you can rest assured we have the knowledge and expertise to help you remain anonymous.