CIS Double Hop VPN Client (Windows OS)

A VPN client interface that gives you a choice.
Take control of your privacy!


Control and Anonymity

The VPN client initializes connection through a randomize entry VPN server from available servers and allows the user to select a desired exit VPN node through the Windows VPN Client (second VPN Hop).

The VPN traffic is configured to forward traffic from one VPN (entry node) to a second VPN (exit node) and then access the Internet, ensuring more privacy and control. 

No Data Farming

No data farming, no logs and the customer has direct access to the VPS servers IP’s.

Secure VPN Infrastructure

Our VPN offers a Global, Dynamic Non-attributable (Private or Government) secure VPN infrastructure and hosts are automatically secured using industry standard hardening techniques. Infrastructure allows for an ample dynamic configuration.

Port Obfuscating

Our VPN’s signature is configured to operate through a different socket scheme (https port 443 UDP), ensuring functionality and anonymity. 

Why Choose Us

Our founder is a former member of the U.S Department of Defense, with over 20 years of experience in Computer Network Operations (CNO), Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) and cyber operations within the Intelligence Community.

With over two decades of experience in national and tactical security, innovative technologies, and cyber operations, you can rest assured we have the knowledge and expertise to help you claim back your privacy.