CIS WiFI Leave Behind Remote System
A network testing solution to meet your on the go needs.
An Agile Solution Built for Speed and Anonymity

Built for speed, anonymity, and convenience and packed with features, our remote system will make network testing and analysis a breeze.

Network Analysis
The system has the capability to map/survey/collect and post process Wi-Fi environments. It is engineered on a small platform for convenience and efficiency while supporting full packet intake .
Smart Processing
The device is configurable with an external Wi-Fi adapter and multiple antenna configurations to best suit user needs. The system utilizes external GPS for Wi-Fi survey and collection and automatically generates a kml file to post process locations and distribution of access point of interests. The system collection also produces dump Wi-Fi files that are compatible with post processing software for analysis and exploration.
Remote Access
The system supports remote access through VPN or Remote Desktop for full control and manipulation. It incorporates a variety of additional cyber capabilities that can be implemented and configured remotely.