CIS WIFI Survey & Collection Mobile Platform

A streamlined approach to data collection and network testing. A platform designed by security professionals for security professionals.

Built For Super Users 

Super Users have unique needs and endless responsibilities. With this in mind, we developed our WIFI Survey and Collection Mobile Platform. To help you do your job faster and efficiently without having to waste time setting up.

The platform supports full Kali capabilities.
The application is embedded within a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and supports full packet intake while working in conjunction with normal phone functionality for adeptness and convenience.
Wi-Fi Files
The system collection produces dump Wi-Fi files that are compatible with post processing software for analysis and exploration.
The phone supports an additional memory card for additional space during Wi-Fi collection and supports USB 3.0 for superior Wi-Fi adapter support and data transfer. The system is also configurable with an external Wi-Fi adapter and multiple antenna configurations to best suit user needs.
Network Analysis
The platform has the capability to map/survey/collect and post process Wi-Fi environments.
The system utilizes internal GPS for Wi-Fi surveys and collection and automatically generates a kml file to post process locations and distribution of access points of interest.