CIS Operational Real-time Computing Arena (ORCA)


The Operational Real-Time Computing Arena (ORCA) is a physical or bare metal server running an ESXi Hypervisor environment with multiple virtual server types on multiple interconnected Operating Systems.


Enables full control of the hardware, software, OS, and sensitive data collocated at the customer’s location for the most secure location available.

ORCA platform is an interconnected ecosystem designed to operate in both Intranet and Internet.

It operates like a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) supplying the resources to the end users collocated devices across an office, building, official government building, etc.

The ORCA server is configured behind a Virtual Dissimulated Encrypted Server (VDES) designed to obfuscate the ISP IP, randomize the traffic, and encrypt the inbound and outbound traffic via post-Quantum attack resistant technology PQC suite, Kyber 1024 Level 5.

Furthermore, each instance of the VM within the ESXi OS has its own CISEN SDN PQC instance and each VM takes a different encrypted path within the ecosystem.

For maintenance, administration, security and convenience the ORCA platform offers most advantageous features by eliminating user error, chain interdiction, social engineering vulnerabilities etc.

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Physical, Bare Metal Hypervisor

Running an ESXi, hypervisor, dramatically reduces the cost, administration, and hardware resources in a most secure environment. Through its dynamic nature it is scalable and most efficient, supporting numerous scenarios for mission requirements.


Multiple Operating Systems can handle any operating requirement

ORCA platform supports all Operating Systems (OS), Windows, MacOS, Linux, Kali, Emulators, running side by side, interconnected supporting any type of applications or software that are OS depended capable to share data across the various environments.


Reduce cost of computing devices by running high-power machines on entry level edge devices

High-End computers come with High-End costs; with ORCA infrastructure end user devices becomes just peripherals accessing the resources in most secure way and preventing the edge devices storing sensitive data and expose them to cyber vulnerabilities. Ordinary commercial of the shelf computing appliances can leverage the very best ORCA has to offer.


Consolidated Operating systems makes hardware security and Emergency Destruction simple and quick

Knowing where your most precious assets are located is the first step in protecting them.  While work may take place in a variety of locations, the core of everything that’s valuable lives inside the ORCA.  If an emergency requires evacuation, or in extreme cases the destruction of hardware, you can feel secure that nothing is missed since there is only one location to worry about.


Intranet in a Box

Everything you need to operate lives inside the ORCA.  For communications, you can leverage the legendary Pi Epsilon Communications platform.  Onboard data storage mimics the “Cloud” where data resides exactly where you want it; on-prem.  Host any number of servers or functions on the ORCA while only allowing access to the machines on your electronic ecosystem.



Either virtual or physical, the Virtual Dissimulated Encrypted Server (VDES) is the gate keeper for the ORCA ecosystem.  While each Operating System can reach the Internet, unless they are registered with a third-party service, they are obfuscated and invisible to the outside world.  If they can’t see it, they can’t attack it!