PiEpsilon Communication Platform



Π Ε solution offers a cutting edge decentralized, anonymous, end to end encrypted communication platform to include voice, text, video, chat, and group video conference through a proprietary configuration that bypasses the usage of any third-party provider platform like Wickr, Signal, Wire apps, or any VOIP provider.

Promise of Utility

Decentralized, anonymous, real-time communication, end to end encryption protocol.

Customer has full control and oversite of the communication platform server. The Π Ε can reside on a dedicated Virtual Private Server, private rack server, or a physical server resident within the customer location.

No dependencies of any third-party provider and or AWS backbone infrastructure.

Π Ε resides on a virtual dissimulated encrypted server (VDES), as a decoy obfuscation tool environment, shielding the real IP from any nefarious inquiries.

Π Ε includes voice, text, video, chat, and group video conference.

Supports the federate infrastructure, where multiple instances of Π Ε servers can communicate with each other.

Customer retains Admin console control to manage users, permissions, and resources.

Π Ε does not scrape and save device contact information, data, or activity information

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Where it resides

The Π Ε communication platform can reside on a dedicated obfuscated Virtual Private Server (VPS) or anywhere, resident to the customer’s location.

Per customer request, the server can reside on the Virtual Dissimulated Encrypted Server (VDES) platform that obfuscates the real Π Ε public IP address and points to a different IP/ location and server which has offers a proprietary hardening technique. This mode of implementation presents one of the most protective cyber design decoy obfuscation tools from any nefarious attacker looking to obtain information of the real Π Ε communication platform.

In the scenario that the customer chooses to host the Π Ε communication platform on a physical server, the Π Ε server can be configured behind a proprietary VPN physical router that would obfuscate the real IP of the Internet provider enforcing the decoy obfuscation tool technique.

How it works


The Π Ε Epsilon platform will transmit data through the WiRV proprietary network over two different VPN schemes, anonymous and randomized through a VPN protocol, either on AES 256 FIPS 140-2 compliant or based on a Suite of Post-Quantum Cryptography, PQR Kyber-1024 NIST Security Level 5. The network not only will dually encrypt the traffic, but also obfuscate both the source and destination IPs.


When a Π Ε call, text, or video event is initiated, WiRV establishes a PQR connection to a command-and-control C2 server (a.k.a London), the C2 initiates a randomization algorithm and sends the traffic over a second PQR connection to a transit server (a.k.a Tokyo). From Tokyo, over an HTTPS request, it connects to the VDES server (a.k.a Dallas).


The VDES then redirects the traffic through a separate PQR tunnel to the Π Ε communication server (a.k.a New York). New York is now your advertised location for these events.