Non-attributable Virtual Dissimulate Encrypted Server with Post Quantum Decryption Resistance Algorithm

NIST Level 5 (Kyber 1024) (VDES – PQR)

The VDES – PQR platform’s functionality utilizes the same characteristics as the VDES, however it replaces the encryption protocol based on a Post Quantum Cryptography suite.
The Post Quantum Cryptography suite, PQR Kyber 1024 Level 5, uses the NIST Lattice-type approved algorithm protocol approach with the same standards that the Intelligence Community has publicly endorsed.

Quantum Computing



The protocol is engineered based on a proprietary Key Exchange Mechanism (KEM) and packets encapsulation protocol which offers cutting edge encryption for data in transit.


The VDES platform is designed to obfuscate the real end point IP of the landing server. VDES assumes the role of traffic redirector by accepting connection from the end-user devices, generates an encrypted tunnel over a private IP and reroute the traffic through the encrypted tunnel to the destination IP platform.


The VDES infrastructure is designed and configured based on the highest security standards, with multiple layers of protection and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) in place.


The servers can only be accessed through a unique SSH key, 4096 bits through an encrypted bootable device within a proprietary VPN. Based on customer requests the servers can be configured with Polyverse Linux (polymorphic Linux) to ensure highest security level at the kernel level.

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